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2016 Tannat

In this vintage enjoy flavors of dark plum, dried herb, and spice.

Alcohol: 14.8%

pH: 3.70

Cases: 130


Tasting Notes: Tannat is known for it’s high level of tannins (hence the name), and offers a winemaking challenge in trying to tame them. In this vintage enjoy flavors of dark plum, dried herb, and spice. The tannins are powerful, but balanced. This is a wine that will increase in complexity over time.

Varietal: Tannat originates from France however it has become more notable for being Uruguay’s “national grape”. Tannat is noted for its firm tannic structure, raspberry aromas, spice, and its ability to age.

Vineyard: Our Upper Ridge Vineyard sits at an elevation of about 2600 feet making it one of the highest elevated vineyards in Sonoma County. With large diurnal temperature swings, ideal exposures, and an array of micro-climates, this site allows for a longer growing season making it a one-of-a-kind place for each of the eleven different varietals grown.

Vintage: We had become accustomed to working with limited amounts of water due to the drought, but this year we worried about abundance - it was a wet winter. Despite early season warmth and rain challenges, once we hit ripening season we had great weather for the hanging fruit to reach full maturity and to achieve ideal flavors and balance.

Winemaker: Joe Benziger

Harvested: September thru October 2016

Label Artist: Rick Dula | Denver, CO

Cellaring: 7-10 Years